Download Method 1

For the adventurous customer, check out our new YES! E-Z Downloader. This updated release is a faster, fool-proof option to retrieve your downloads – it’s so easy even a caveman can do it.
note: Some computer users might experience an error message when the E-Z Downloader is trying to communicate with iTunes. If you see this error message, you can always go back to your “My Orders” page and download the file and extract under Download Method 1 as we outline in our video tutorial.
To download and install the E-Z Downloader visit

Download Method 2

Watch this 5 Minute Video Tutorial Below on how to download, extract, import and burn a CD using iTunes WITHOUT the help of the Yes! E-Z Downloader.

Text tutorial on how to download and import into iTunes,

If you choose NOT to use the E-Z Downloader application, After checkout is complete, you can immediately download your music by clicking on the <ajax::/customers/orders>My Orders section of your account window. YOU DO NOT NEED TO WAIT FOR ANY EMAILS FROM YES TO START DOWNLOADING. Simply login, click on the <ajax::/customers/orders>My Orders section of your account window. Here you will see your orders listed with the most recent order at the top . A blue link in the far right column indicates that a “download” is available. Click the blue link and the files from your order will appear.

Depending on your browser, you can either “Click” on the file name to start downloading to your computer, or you may need to “Right Click” your mouse while hovering over the blue link and then select the option to “save file as” or “save target as”. Select one of these options and you may be prompted to provide a location to save the file. We suggest placing these music files in a “Yes! Fitness Music” folder where you can keep all your purchased music downloads, but you can save to your “desktop” or general “documents” folder.

NOTE: If you are NOT prompted to choose a location to save the file, you might find that it was saved to your “Desktop”, your default “Downloads” folder or even your “Documents” folder.

If you purchased:

Non-Stop separate tracks for iTunes – you will be downloading a zipped folder of the 12 songs. Once downloaded, unzip this file by double clicking the file or right-clicking the file and selection the option that says “Extract All Files”. If you are using Windows Vista and you can not extract the files, you will just need to re-associate “.zip” files with the extraction wizard as explained here .

Restore UNZIP in Windows Vista (expand)

Move the newly un-zipped folder to your Music folder where you will store your music. In iTunes, add the folder to your library, by selecting from the FILE menu Add To Library and selecting all tracks within the folder. Alternatively you can drag the folder of music directly into iTunes and “drop” or “release your mouse” once your mouse is directly over word "Playlists"and the files will be imported in the correct order and a playlist will be created that can easily be burned to a non-stop CD. If you need help with creating playlists or adding folders of music to iTunes, visit and type in the keywords “create playlist”.