Whether you’re a Fitness Professional, Fitness Enthusiast, DJ or simply love music, this app will transform the way you move to music.

Tempo Magic Pro is the first app that allows you to adjust the tempo of your music with just the slide of a finger on your iPhone or iPod Touch. OMG – you read that right! It is App-solutley Amazing.

Tempo Magic Pro makes it super simple to increase or decrease the Beats Per Minute (BPM) of any song or playlist in your iTunes library by as much as 50%. In BPM Lock mode, you can even make a random tempo playlist play back at one predetermined tempo or BPM.

Fitness Instructors and Health Clubs invest as much as $400 for a pitch control CD player or iPod dock that usually only provides tempo adjustments by speeding up or slowing down the audio leaving you with annoying distortions like helium-infused “chipmunked” voices or that ghastly drawn-out “zombie” sound.
Tempo Magic solves that problem by changing the tempo WITHOUT altering the musical pitch using AMT (Audio Master Technology) entirely avoiding that chipmunk sound commonly heard when “pitching” on a tempo control enabled CD player. The result: your perfect speed AND perfect sound quality.

  • Access your Yes! Purchases from the cloud. No need to sync phone with cables.

  • +50% / -50% Tempo Adjustment Range

  • Non-stop/gapless playback of continuous-mixed/multi-song playlists

  • Single tap to reset your music back to its original tempo

  • No annoying change in voice or music pitch

  • Displays both the Original BPM and Magic BPM (adjusted BPM) as well as the corresponding % adjustment

  • Built in BPM tapper for those tricky songs

  • BPM Lock Mode feature allows you to take a playlist with multiple tempos and play it at the BPM of your choice

  • Easy add music interface

  • No additional hardware required

  • Launch screen prompts you to put iPhones in airplane mode to avoid
  • unwanted text and phone call interruptions during use
  • Can be used with any audio file (not just music)

  • Includes simple vertical slider as well as Easy Tap (up and down buttons)

  • Free lifelong updates for early adopters

Presented by: Yes! Fitness Music, Petra Kolber & lolo LLC